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Let Your Personality 'Ring' Through

Have you ever heard another person's cell phone ring and mistakenly reached for yours? Do wish you could change the way your phone rings to express your personal style? You can … and it's not as hard as you might think. In fact, people of all ages are changing their ring to their favorite song -- even TV show theme -- every day.

Cell phones are no longer just used to communicate with work, family and friends -- they have evolved into a new way to show off your personal style. From high school to mid life, people are personalizing their phones with faceplates, screen graphics and their favorite songs from the Beatles to Nelly or Linkin Park. And the good news is that personalizing your phone is a quick and painless process. The hardest part is deciding how you want your phone to ring.

Nearly every cell phones gives you the option to change the way your phone rings -- from the range of standard rings that come with the phone, to thousands you can download from the Web. Ringtones are available in all styles of music, including rock, hip-hop, country, and television and movie themes -- whatever tune is meaningful to you.

Alex, a 25-year-old project manager is sporting Nickelodeon's "Fraggle Rock" theme song on his phone. "It's great because people recognize the song right away and a few times I've been stopped by strangers who want to know how I got such a unique ringtone on my phone," says Alex. "I chose this particular song because it reminds me of my childhood, and I have to admit that 'Fraggle Rock' is still one of my favorite shows."

Phil is a 53-year-old professor at Duke University. He first heard about ringtones when a colleague at work showed him how easy it is to change the way his phone rings. His students always know when he's close by because they hear "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin emanating through the halls from his cell phone. "If you can believe it, my car only has a cassette player installed, so the one tape I bought to listen to on rides is my favorite Led Zeppelin album," says Phil. "I was a hippie like most people of my generation and having my phone ring with songs that are meaningful to me is just another way to hear my favorite music throughout the day."

Five Steps to Change Your Tone:
Changing your ringtone is easy, and requires only a cell phones capable of handling ringtones and Internet access. To find out if your phone can take the tones, and find thousands of ringtones to choose from, try Sites such as these have ringtones available for purchase for around $2 each. Just follow these simple steps and your phone will be personalized within minutes. Everyone will know it's your phone ringing!

Log on and you will see a list of songs that are available, usually categorized by genre. Choose the type of song you're looking for under the genre you prefer, such as rock, pop or holiday. Click the specific song that you would like to have as your ringtone. Note: You can select more than one ringtone, which automatically will be sent to your phone, as most phones allow you to store a few at a time. You can easily listen to a sample of the ringtone you selected by clicking the "Listen" button.

When you've completed your ringtone shopping, click the "Buy" button and enter your credit card information and mobile phone number. You're done. As soon as you submit your information, the ringtone of choice will automatically be sent to your mobile phone. Just save the ringtone right to your phone and you're all set.

It's just five easy steps to a cooler, personalized phone that's all about you. Whether you have a favorite artist that you never get tired of hearing, or you always want to know when it's your phone that's ringing or you simply want to show the world your unique style, ringtones are an easy way to make a device you use everyday undoubtedly, absolutely, completely yours.

For more information about ringtones and other ways to personalize your phone, visit your local carrier store or Courtesy of ARA Content
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