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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Strategy Guide

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Going Back to School goes High Tech
by: ARA Content

Computers have become a staple of every student's education. Reports are written in word processing software, research is conducted on the Internet, and even class registration can be done online. And, computers are contributing to the social aspect of every child's life. Students can make friends online with those who have common interests, they can check to see when their favorite band is playing in town, or they can even create a personal fitness schedule. Is it any wonder that your child will want one when school begins?

For students, going back to school involves some kind of shopping spree, usually with your money. Your child will need new clothes, a new computer, new school supplies, new everything. How do you accomplish this without burying yourself in debt?

If it's a new computer your child needs, then check out online auction sites, such as uBid.com, that sells brand new computers, printers and modems. Most auctions start at $9 and are backed by manufacturer warrantees -- a novelty at other auction sites. Plus, uBid carries brand name products such as Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Sony and more, allowing you to buy those other "necessities" that your child might need, including stereos, digital cameras, or DVD players. Many auction sites, including uBid, sell everything from house wares to clothing, so you can furnish your entire home and wardrobe without ever paying full price for a single item. But, make sure you're dealing with reputable sellers.

Tips to remember when shopping at an online auction:

  • Check out the auction site's privacy and security policies. Make sure the site uses secure, encrypted transaction systems so your credit card and other private information are not put at risk.

  • Know the seller. If the seller is a private business, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints against the company before making a purchase. If the seller is an individual, check out the feedback about him or her from other buyers.

  • Use the safest payment method. Never pay by cash. If possible, pay by credit card, which provides the most consumer protection in the case of a dispute.

  • Ask about delivery, returns and warranties. Get a definite delivery date and information about the delivery company. Ask about the return policy. Find out if the product includes a warranty.

  • Check auction sites frequently. To get good deals, continually check auction sites. You never know what's going to posted on any given day.

Fitness Online
Being prepared for college doesn't mean just having all the necessary supplies. It's also about forming lifelong habits, including nutrition and health. Everyone has heard of the dreaded "Freshman 15." You hear stories of the consumption of beer and pizza for dinner -- every night. Or a daily diet of macaroni and cheese with real butter and fake cheese. It's a wonder that the old adage stops at 15.

Beat the Freshman 15 the new way -- online. Fitlinxx.com is a free "personal techno trainer" that customizes an exercise program based on your needs and interests. If you meet your goals, you receive e-mails of encouragement and if you don't, there are friendly reminders. Log your workouts online from any computer, anywhere. Fitlinxx.com also has motivational tips, articles on new exercise techniques, plus an "Ask An Expert" section for your fitness questions.

Fitlinxx is also available at YMCA's and fitness centers throughout the country. You punch in your PIN number (just like an ATM), and the equipment automatically sets your weight levels. It electronically monitors your performance and provides entertaining feedback on every repetition. You can track your progress with motivational charts and graphs or see how you measure up to others in your facility or your age group.

For more information on uBid.com and Fitlinxx.com visit their Web sites. For additional information, contact Laurie Fried or Beth Peterson at (708) 524-1857.

About The Author
This article courtesy of ARA Content, http://www.aracontent.com

EDITOR'S NOTE: uBid, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., is a leading retail auction and e-commerce site, offering consumers and small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to purchase a wide range of brand name merchandise, often at greatly reduced prices, through live-action bidding. In addition to uBid's own auction listings, uBid features uBid Preferred Partner auctions in which consumers will find products listed by uBid-approved businesses and backed by uBid or brand warranties. Users can also buy or sell products through uBid's Consumer Exchange, in which consumers list their items for auction with no listing fee.

FitLinxx is the leading provider of products and services to empower consumers to succeed with their fitness and wellness programs in fitness centers and on the Internet. The FitLinxx System, in fitness centers, provides an electronic personal training system that enables members of FitLinxx-equipped facilities to follow recommended exercise protocols, receive instant training feedback on strength and cardiovascular machines, and easily measure their progress through access to their exercise data.

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