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   Sporting Goods

Gift Ideas for the Sports Enthusiast
by: ARA Content

The once strict exercise regimen of many fitness enthusiasts tends to taper off in the winter months. But the latest and most advanced sports equipment not only provides top of the line performance, it motivates us to get out there and play!

Skiing   (Back to Top)
The winter is here and as the snow begins to fall, people begin to hit the mountains - sometimes literally. Nordica has a fantastic line of skis and boots that are sure to please all of the skiing friends and family.

The Trend Exo 7.1 Boot ($349) is perfect for skiers who desire comfort and ease of use. This boot has Nordica's patented Exopower technology, which combines two different synthetics of different densities - a hard frame and soft skin for the ultimate balance of performance and comfort with enhanced transmission of skier energy to the ski. It also comes with Outlast temperature regulation. Outlast is a chemical application that regulates the temperature in the boot throughout the day.

To create the perfect ski/boot system, Nordica offers the Trend 7.1 Ski ($499) to match the Trend 7.1 boot perfectly. This ski provides maximum versatility in all snow conditions at medium to high speeds. For intermediate technical skiers, the Trend 7.1 ski provides complete control on any type of terrain. The ease of use and maneuverability that distinguish these skis guarantee a great skiing experience, even for beginners.

Visit to view Nordica's entire line of ski equipment, apparel and accessories. Call 800-283-6647 for a dealer near you.

In-Line Skating   (Back to Top)
Rollerblade, the founder and leader of the in-line skate industry, is introducing what they are calling their best line of skates ever. The 2001 product line incorporates some exciting new technologies that are certain to thrill the experienced skaters and entice beginners.

The new Pro 07 ($189) in-line skate is a stylish looking "soft skate" for intermediate to expert skaters that want excellent technical features and performance. The Pro 07 has Rollerblade's exclusive Bio Dynamic Triforce shell with an athletic shoe upper for ultimate comfort. The skate also features the third generation of Rollerblade's award winning ABT brake, the ABT Lite. This brake offers a lighter, sleeker design integrated right into the boot and frame as well as improving stopping power by 30%. The Pro 07 comes in men's and women's models.

The Advance ($119) skate is perfect for the beginner putting on their first pair of in-line skates. This comfortable skate still offers the ABT Lite brake and adds the stability of a hard shell boot that a beginner needs.

For the kids, Rollerblade offers the Maxx ($99) skate. A "soft skate" to ensure maximum comfort for young feet, with Rollerblade's exclusive extendable design to accommodate growing feet. The skate size is adjustable by a tool-less pushbutton device that extends 4 full sizes. Hey mom's and dad's, this means you don't have to buy them new skates every time their feet grows!

So you're skating downtown and want to pop in a shop but they won't let you in with skates on? You'll need a trendy looking backpack to easily store those skates in for just such an occasion. Rollerblade's Skate Backpack ($45) is perfect for virtually every skate size and model. Just toss a pair of sandals or shoes in the pack and make the switch when you're ready to enter your favorite store.

Visit to view the entire line of Rollerblade skates and accessories.

Tennis   (Back to Top)
Tennis is a great sport that is back on the rise. Prince, the leader of racquet sports innovation, has some fantastic products that are sure to put a smile on your face, and a frown on your opponents.

One of Prince's newest racquets is the Triple Threat Bandit ($159). This racquet makes stealing victories look easy. The Bandit is part of Prince's Triple Threat series of racquets. The key to the success of Triple Threat is a revolutionary weighting system featuring Triple Braid - woven titanium, copper and carbon placed in three critical racquet locations: 10 O'clock, 2 O'clock and at the bottom of the handle. The Triple Threat technology produces an expanded sweet spot in every direction providing ultimate stability for increased power and control and reduced shock to the arm. This technology has resulted in Prince's most successful introduction since the launch of the "oversized" racquet.

If the tennis player on your list is just starting out, Prince's Synergy Series of racquets ($29-$95) is a good choice. A combination of outstanding game improvement features is what players get when they play with a Prince Synergy racquet. The new Synergy racquets are the best playing, easiest swinging racquets for the value.

Now you'll probably need a new tennis bag to carry that new racquet in, won't you? Well, Prince's new line of Hornet bags are outstanding looking. The Prince Hornet Triple 300 ($39) will hold approximately 3-4 racquets and has a total of three compartments to store all of your tennis necessities.

Visit for more tennis gear and accessories to stuff in that bag. Prince offers everything from racquets to apparel.

Racquetball   (Back to Top)
While we're on the subject of racquet sports, let's move indoors to racquetball. Racquetball is a great indoor court sport; one of the most popular in the US. If your special someone plays racquetball, you can be sure they've heard of Ektelon, the number one brand in racquetball. Power is the name of this game and Ektelon incorporates this knowledge into every racquet that they make. Here are some great products by Ektelon that are great for any racquetball player.

Ektelon's Power Ring Ultralite racquet ($169) is the lightest racquet in Ektelon's history. This racquet gives you the maneuverability a player needs without sacrificing power. The unique PowerWEB stringing design also gives you an extra power boost.

The Ripstick Titanium racquet ($129) gives you Ektelon's biggest headsize and widest frame design ever for maximum power. This racquet also has Ektelon's Sweet Spot Suspension System for a solid feel with, of course, added power.

Now you'll need some eyewear when you get on that court, you don't want to loose an eye do you? Ektelon's new Hornet Eyeguards ($25) not only protect your eyes from harmful fast moving objects, but they are also really cool looking! So ... keep your head up and your eye on the ball.

Visit to see Ektelon's entire line of racquets and accessories.

If you need help finding a store near you that offers the products and brands recommended above, visit the Web sites mentioned. Each site features a dealer locator, which will direct you to many stores in your area.

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